Mountain Guide-Guida Alpina Tonale

Climbing is not something for everyone, you need a strong character to climb. You also need a strong character to have the will to climb if you're never done it before.
There are many different ways of climbing, one for every unique individual of us. Climbing is never only a sport, it couldn't be, it would be too risky. It is instead, a style of living, you have to want to ascend and be light. It's difficult to be strong and yet light at the same time, but it's wonderful.

A prime example of optimum health. I think it’s an activity that expresses our more ancient nature. There are no comparisons to anything else. Lifting your very body, grappling on to a parapet searching for the balance with your hands and feet, could be the easiest or most difficult thing there is.
Trying to understand, learning and improving, is always possible, especially now with indoor climbing walls readily available. Our proposition doesn't have a calendar, schedule or place, it obviously has a cost, which we can work out together.

We can guarantee passion and professionalism from our qualified Alpine Guides, from the first baby steps for beginners, to difficult challenges in the gym, and finally to the great parapets of the natural mountains in which we reside. Please contact us for more information.