Mountain Guide-Guida Alpina Tonale

Skiing is a metaphor of life”, and therefore we can't content ourselves with old courses preprepared with tired theory and techniques.
Perception of equilibrium and maximum sensation earned on all types of surfaces; no limits, going around and around on ski slopes or if by now the slopes are not enough anymore, it’s definitely time to begin total skiing, meaning rethinking old ways, losing the old equilibrium to find a new one, opening yourself to contact with the real nature where the ski was born, the snow in the woods and the mountain tops, the great glacial lakes, the nights in the mountain shelters for sliding in the utter silence of the National Park of Stelvio, sharing the same space with the animals during the winter season, to understand the tracks and to see them living their Alpine life destined by their own interests as they destine ours.

To leave an infinite track in the snow and to turn around will be, to have realised something important inside all of us. A real feeling of exhaltation and nothing is more important than to be happy like only children know how. Skiing is probably our purest expression. We will give you our advice to become free, outside the ghetto of being just skiers and for a few seconds to be born again.


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