Mountain Guide-Guida Alpina Tonale

Liberty begins with small steps first and eventually becomes a free-heeler. It could even be the first step to liberating completely certain ways of interpreting the descent and ascent on the snow. On piste and off-piste skiing with its origins presented in a modern way allows us to fulfil our desire to really live on the snow in a total way.

From us, its also possible to rent the equipment for the first time, whoever wants to try Telemark skiing for the first time, and surely sooner or later a good skier is obliged to try the new and at the same time opposite balanced world of Telemark, to add to his/her belt of abilities in different methods of sliding on the snow and learning a new chapter in the ever-changing story of the ski.
Total skiing couldn't exist without using Telemark. The ample spaces of the high mountain groups of Ortles-Cevedale, and Adamello-Presanella, presents a perfect opportunity to have adventures, great or small for every level.

The course begins on Sunday with a meeting titled “The taste of snow”, in the sense that we'll go to “taste” the snow to properly begin the orientation into the new world.
To do this in the following days for 3 hrs a day we'll focus on the technical aspect of Telemark on and off-piste, ascent and descent. We’ll have a whole day dedicated to a complete excursion.
Videos of participants will be taken and studied afterwards, so we can see ourselves, and eventually correct our mistakes.

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